B&B Il Germano Reale: our little rebirth story.

foto-logo1What gives birth to the B&B’s project is, by the way, a pretty unfortunate event. After have lost her job, Mrs Marisa, designer for the Miroglio Fashion Group for over 30 years, find herself in a pretty awkward moment in her life.

It will be thanks to her “can do” attitude, her desire and creativity and not without a good dose of tenacity that Marisa was able to transform a problematic situation into an opportunity.
From a rough stop to real rebirth, this is how “Il Germano Reale” takes off.

It’s our hope that, like Marisa, also the guests will find in the B&B a place to recharge, look up, restart and, why not, to take to the skies!



Germano Reale, the mallard, is a web-footed bird belonging to the family of the wild ducks. A few of these birds have found home in the creek clore to the B&B’s garden and we think theat with their elegant flight they perfectly reflect the soul of our project!